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Melissa has been a TRIATHLETE since 2006! On swim teams since the age of 7, thanks to some pretty cool triathletes in her masters swim group back in 2006 she caught the triathlon bug. Several sprint and olympic distance triathlons under her belt, and not ever much of a runner, she's been chipping away at the third tri leg with now her 4th NYC marathon behind her, and conquered her first [Hometown] Boston Marathon in April 2018. A Half-Ironman triathlon is on the horizon! She's also a proud member of the TriLatino Triathlon Team!!! #MUEVETE!

In love with motorcycles since her first ride at 6 years old on the gas tank of her Uncle's motorcycle along the coast in Bani, Dominican Republic, Melissa has been riding her own motorcycles since 2012 and loves long, twisty rides, road trips as far as Dragon's Tail Tennessee/North Carolina--looking forward to a US cross country & International rides and loves race-track riding and learning, especially with California Superbike School and NY Safety Track! She's a proud member of The Miss-Fires, East Coast Ducatis, DESMO and New England Ducati Owner's Club! Live free and ride hard, and watch out for motorcycles!

TRAVEL is Melissa's favorite pastime! Adventure (Skydiving, snowboarding and more) and relaxing travel alike! Her favorite travel spots include the Dominican Republic (where all of her family is from), Brazil, Bahamas, St. Barts, St. Martin, England, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India (Chennai) and plenty of interesting US and Canada spots.  She definitely has each continent on the bucket travel list and hopes to see lots more of the world! Ad Astra!

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